Winter Wedding: Groom Suit

Most of the ceremonies, at least in Italy, is concentrated in the months between May and September, months when the weather is mild or even warm or hot. The choice of a marriage celebrated during good seasons is definitely due to the possibility of not running into bad weather, to the comfort of wearing fresh clothing and be able to leave home coat, gloves and hat.

But not everyone choose spring or summer to get married, and certainly not everyone wear a formal suit just for the day of his marriage. A percentage of winter weddings exist and will always exist, and it is certainly not to be put aside. In addition to weddings we must also consider that over the Christmas period there are many important events that require a formal dress code, and also the many gala dinners organized for New Year's Day. Those who do not want to give up to an impeccable clothing need a suit suitable for any occasion, even during the winter.

As regards winter weddings a fundamental choice is the one that concerns the quality of the fabric. Mario MorenoMoyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, have some advices to donate to the future bride and groom on how to choose the suitable fabric for their own wedding depnding on the style and personality of each.

Fabrics have different weights and each one is suited to a particular time of year. For winter weddings, a classic suit will be made with a fabric that varies from 280gr to 389gr per square meter. Some fabrics, however, have an intermediate weight of about 280gr and are suitable for all seasons; some models made with these fabrics are also suitable for everyday clothes after the ceremony. The most summery suits are those made of light fabrics such as linen and cotton, which can weigh just 170g per square meter, and as an exception, fabrics of 90gr, now in trend, called "shirt fabrics".

Not only the weight of the fabric, but it is important also the color of the suit and varies depending on the season, time of the ceremony and the skin color of the groom. Here are some fabrics suitable for the realization of a perfect suit for the ceremony:

- Satin Wool Super 120'S weight of 389gr per square meter in the colors of dark blue, black and gray.
- Fil a Fil Wool 100% Super 140'S in shades of blue navy, dark blue, light, medium and dark gray.
- Fil a Fil mixed Wool-Silk feasible in different shades of gray and blue navy.
- Fil a Fil Wool mixed with silk hand always in shades of gray and blue navy.
- Mohair "Alpaca" Wool; wool of great quality in shades of blue navy, dark blue, light, medium and dark gray.
If the groom would get married wearing a morning suit, the fabric to choose should not weigh less than 280 gr per square meter, and no more than 380gr per square meter, to enable the long jacket to be neither too heavy nor too light. If the jacket of the morning suit is too heavy, the tail is likely to remain too rigid; on the contrary, if the fabric is too light, the tail of the morning suit would be too lightweight and it would move too much.
The color par excellence for a morning suit is the black for the jacket and a striped fabric for the pants, but now are commonly used also in gray and dark blue morning suits of 3 pieces. The morning suit is an extremely classical type of suit, and then just a touch of color can be enough to modernize the look, without modifying the model incurring the risk of ruining the perfection of a so elegant model.

For the morning suit in monochrome style, “Morning Dress Code”, the specialism for Ottavio Nuccio Gala in the Gentleman Collection, the colors can be black, blue, dark grey, medium and light, Fil-a-Fil, herringbone pattern, fine stripes or diplomatic with stripes of 10 mm not too pronounced.

In the case of choosing a monochrome suit with short jacket with 1 or 2 buttons, the colors are always be searched in shades of dark (black, blue and gray) but the texture of the fabric may vary: Fil Fil patterns, diplomatic with stripes of 10 mm slightly marked…

Ottavio Nuccio Gala has all the fabrics previously described in the company, various textures, a wide range of colors and many different models to meet every necessity.
For men who purchasing in winter season, but for a different purpose from their marriage, the tuxedo is the most suitable model. Every man should have a tuxedo in his wardrobe that can be worn at dinner parties, glamorous nights or for a ballet at the theater.

Even for the tuxedo there are several options to choose from: the classic tuxedo, shawl lapels or classic one, double-breasted, classic fabrics or special fabrics. Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala,in his 2015 Collection suggests once again a wide variety of tuxedos in its Black Tie collection.

The imagination of the designer gave birth to tuxedos, always impeccably elegant but with a touch of vintage or whimsical. For example, velvet suits of various colors, tartan trousers (found in the varieties of "Black Watch" or "Royal Stewart"), double twisted cotton shirts with pique or pleated bib and "dress studs," velvet shawl waistcoats, cummerbund and bow ties ranging from classic black to colored fantasies, pure silk jacquard suspenders, shoes Oxford model in black or two-tone patent leather and embroidered slippers.

Not to forget that the tuxedo is a model of suit also suitable for weddings, although it has debated at length on the matter. On the company's blog Ottavio Nuccio Gala, you will find interesting articles that relate to the tuxedo, from its history to the different existing models, from the stars who have chosen to wear it for their wedding to all the rules to be followed to wear it properly. Whatever be the occasion, Ottavio Nuccio Gala will be able to meet the needs and demands of each client.